Textures of NYC volume 4

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August 4, 2014 by Brooke

This week I decided to tackle the brick wall. A texture I consider one of the most prominent in NYC. Many of the original buildings were built out of brick, and anyone that has lived here knows that whether it be the sought-after exposed brick wall of an apartment, or the beauty of a building made of bricks, bricks are everywhere. I did have a difficult time locating an appropriate brick surface to capture. I found that, at least, in my neighborhood, much of the brick is painted over, or lacquered over, making it more difficult to capture the texture. In addition to this, the new(er) brick buildings don’t have any depth. By this I mean, the bricks and mortar are at the same level. These buildings would not work for my project.

For the brick surface, I again had difficulty. I’ve been having trouble finding the same technique that I originally used on the man-hole cover. I found that the brick texture was easy to capture, however, finding a unique way to capture the surface, while maintaining its integrity was difficult. Ultimately, I’m happy with the finished product. I was hoping to create a brightly colored brick wall, that would look like a portal to another dimension (i.e. Allison in Wonderland or Narnia). I think I captured that.

Because this is such a large part of the texture of NYC, you may see more brick walls to come.


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